Monday, November 27, 2006

DNS1 & DNS2 under DDOS attack

UPDATE 10:01 PM : DNS1 has recovered from the DDOS attack. We are still working on bringing DNS2 back online. Any delays in DNS propagation has now completed.

TEAM NETTICA and are currently under a distributed denial of service attack. This is causing intermittent problems in resolving domains using those servers.

Please ensure your domains include our other nameservers,,, and You update the list of nameservers for a domain at your domain registrar.

UPDATE: Resolution on dns1 has been restored. The attack has not yet subsided, but service has been restored for customers that just had dns1 and dns2 listed in the registry.

UPDATE: If you have rebranded your DNS services with us, there is something you can do to allieviate problems with DNS resolution, but it's not on our site. Go to your domain registrar and change the IP address of your rebranded dns1 and and point them to the IP addresses of dns3 and

We will update this as the situation progresses.